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Datu Puti Cane Vinegar 750ml

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Datu Puti Cane Vinegar 750ml

Sweet sap is taken from sugar cane and is used to make this vinegar. The vinegar has a bit of a tart effect to it, and is often used as a dipping sauce for various foods. It is common in Filipino cuisine to add peppers or spices to make it a spicy and tangy sauce, and is great for your deep fried shrimp and pork!

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Hengshun Dumpling Vinegar...

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Hengshun Dumpling Vinegar 300ml

Vinegar derived from glutinous rice suitable for dipping your favourite dumplings!

Epecially designed for dipping dumplings, full of taste.

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Mizkan Distilled Vinegar 500ml

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Mizkan Distilled Vinegar 500ml

Distilled vinegar made from grain by the japanese brand Mizkan. The Mizkan Kokumotsu Su is very often used to flavor dishes, side dishes and sushi rice.

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